Mercedes Titan 6X8 Ballast tractor - SF04 EJJ of GCS Johnson at Scorton NY 09 - IMG 2175

G.C.S. Johnson's Mercedes Titan 6x8 Ballast tractor in the ring at Scorton North Yorkshire

Mercedes Titan - Ballast Tractor - SF04 EJJ of GCS Johnson - IMG 2208

Rear view showing Ballast box, HD Drawbar Hitch, Retarder cooler pack (behind cab) and Umbilical control and hydraulic service lines to trailer

Scheuerle Modular trailer of GCS Johnson - IMG 2196

Demonstration 'Load' on 10 axle lines of Scheuerle modular trailer

G.C.S. Johnson Ltd are one of the top Ten Heavy Haulage Contractors in the UK specialising in the movement of indivisable loads both in the UK and to Europe. They hold the current UK record for Heaviest load moved.


  • SF04 EJJ - Mercedes Titan 6x8 Ultra heavy haulage tractor unit. This premium unit weighs over 40 tons when in Ballast tractor guise and can haul 400 tons Gross train weight. Fitted with removable ballast box, allowinh use with 'normal' trailers with fifth wheel hitch.
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Several companies have issued precision scale models featuring G.C.S. Johns fleet members;


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  • Info from scorton show NY - 2009 and demo of the truck and trailer

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