Fundinoza S.R.L.
Founded ¿early 1930s?
Defunct 198X?
Headquarters Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Industry agriculture machinery tractor, construction equipment
Website none

Fundinoza Sociedad Responsabilidad Limitada, whose capital is 4000000 pesos at the time, was a metal company domiciled in Callao 1351/71, telephone 47605 in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe. His advertising slogan was "what was missing yesterday, today it is available, it is totally Argentine and it is very good".

Facility Edit

In its industrial facilities, it had lathes, machining benches, embossing, stamping, cutting and final assembly.

Other production Edit

Beyond the production of the FZ 14 model, Fundinoza was dedicated to the manufacture of manual meat grinders.


Fundinoza Tractor Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Fundinoza FZ 14 196X- 14 hp (10 kW) ¿Oripon? FZ 14 in Pesados Argentinos Fundinoza FZ14 b&w brochure 2

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