Fowler no. 16439 a showman's engine of 1925 named Delilah has just been rebuilt by new owner L Vernon following installation of a new Fire box & boiler tubes.

Delilah at Lincoln Steam Rally in 2008

Engines History

  • The engine started off when new in 1925 in the Dumfries area as a road roller hence the Scottich registration of SM 5121. The engine had the name Billy initially.
  • After 40 years the engine moved to Yorkshire with a Mr. Carrington.
  • After a few years Billy passed to a Mr Slater and became Delilah.
  • Converted to a Showmans style tractor, in 1986.
  • Then John Toulson bought the engine in 2001 and for 4 years it was part of the Toulson collection.
  • In 2005 he sold Her to Tyneside showman L. Vernon who stripped the engine and rebuilt her with a new livery of L. Vernon & Son Amusements. They rallied the engine in 2006/7, but after the annual boiler inspection were advised that a new firebox was needed, so the engine was stripped again and A. G. Bicknell & Co. (boilermakers) built a new firebox. The Engine was then rebuilt in time for the 2008 rally season.
  • Sold in 2016 to ? of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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