Fowler showmans sn 15653 Renown CU978 at Belvoir Castle 2008 - DSC01187
Renown at the Belvoir Castle show in 2008
Engine Details
Current Name Renown
Manufacturer Fowler
Build date 1920
Serial no. 15623
Registration no. CU 978
Machine type Showmans Road Locomotive
Weight Tons (kg) 17 ton
Power nhp 8 nhp
No. of Cylinders 2
Cylinder type compound
No. of Gears 3
Ancillary equipment pole crane
Original Owner John Murphy
Original cost
Current Owner / Keeper Howard Brothers
Date bought (Current) 1979
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
Auctioneer -
Private Sale {{{privatesale}}}
Notes rebuilt after a fire in 2003
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Fowler no. 15653 is a Showman's road locomotive built by John Fowler & Co. of Leeds in 1920 for showman John Murphy. The engine was nearly destroyed in 2003 when a fire burnt down the workshop and sheds that the engine and other fairground rides were kept in.

Engine HistoryEdit

Renown is Currently owned by the Howard Brothers of Kirk Ireton, in Derbyshire, and appears at several steam fairs and rallies during the summer rally season throughout the UK. The engine travels with a historic sett of gallopers as it was built to do.

Renown was one of a pair of Fowler showmans engines delivered in 1920 to John Murphy, a South Shields showman. They were ordered operate and tow (travel) his Scenic Peacock Switchback ride. The engine was fitted with a crane suited to handle the ride cars for the build up and stripping down of the fair. The Howard brother acquired the engine in 1979. But in September 2003 the engine suffered major fire damage, from a fire in the yard. The engine was restored and back in action in 2004. A book about the engine was published by Jumper books The engine was restored in the historic dark blue livery of John Murphy ownership.

For John Fowler & Co. history see

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Fowler no.15653 Renown - John Murphy owners plate - IMG 8411

John Murphy - owners plate

  • Built 1920 by John Fowler & Co.
  • 1920-? John Murphy
  •  ? - several owners
  • 1979 bought by the Howard Brothers
  • 1979-2003 - operate rides at various steam fairs
  • 2003 - Fire damaged
  • 2004 - Restored.
  • 2005-Date - Operating at Steam Fairs in the UK with several vintage rides.

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Returned to steam after the fire of 2003



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