Fowler no. 10318 is a Showman's Engine of a Road Locomotive design, built in March 1905 for W.H. Marshall & Sons of Bradford. The engine is named Sunny Boy 2 and caries the registration WR 6790. The Engine is currently on loan to The British Commercial Vehicle Museum (formerly the Leyland Museum).

Fowler no. 10318 - SRL - Sunny Boy 2 - WR 6790 in BCVM 09 - IMG 3811

The engine in the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in 2009

Engine historyEdit

  • Built in 1905
  • Operated with a Feast Crane attachment
  • Fitted with Dynamo
  • Powered a switch back ride
  • 1932 transferred to the Dodgems
  • 1939 went to Edward Box Road contractors and stripped of showland sittings, later with Walter Denton
  • TER lists it as carrying showmans fittings
  • The Marshall family tried to buy back the engine in the late 60's for preservation, but were unsuccessful.
  • Listed as owned by CP Baldwin on the Info board

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