Fowler VFA
Fowler VFA front - Bath - DSC01618
An imaculate Fowler VFA on display at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009
Model history
Model introduced 1952
Model discontinued 1957
Model status Discontinued
Power hp Unknown
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive crawler
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories England
Plow rating Unknown
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The Fowler VFA was the successor to the Fowler VF and built from 1952 to Jan 1957.

Fowler VFA - lhs -Bath-DSC01619

Fowler VFA from the LHS on display at Bath

Fowler VFA historyEdit

The VFA was the successor to the Fowler VF and was built from 1952 with the serial numbers following on at 4704659 for the first one, up to about 4706000 for the last. the exact number is unknown but known serial numbers do not exceed this figure.

The first 300 were finished green, but later ones were the Orange of the Field Marshall series 3A tractor.

From 1953 sales were dropping and so development work started on a replacement. This was developed original as a replacement for the Field Marshall tractors and a prototype Track Marshall tractor was built. This was shown at the Royal Show in 1954. Officially released in 1956 based on the VFA running gear and back end but with a modern Perkins 4 cylinder in-line engine. The transmission components being beefed up to cope with the power at 48 hp. The bonnet was modeled on the MP6 tractors final design.

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