Four Wheeled Traction Ltd was a firm that built a few 4-wheel drive conversion of tractors and other vehicles. The Firm was based at 15 North Audley Street, London.

Massey Ferguson 165 with Four-wheel Traction conversion at Bath 09 - P1140190

A rare 4 Wheeled Traction conversion of a Massey Ferguson 165 at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show in 2009


The firm supplied Kits of parts for dealers to convert tractors to 4-wd, using a sandwich transfer box that added 6" (150 mm) to the tractors length and a new front axle, assembly with steering links and a Prop shaft to provide the drive. The conversions were supplied as a complete kit for the Dealers to fit to new or used tractors.

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A few examples exist as they produced far fewer than County or Roadless.

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