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Foton Lovol
Predecessor Foton
Founded 2007
Headquarters Weifang, Shandong, China
Products agriculture machinery tractor, combine harvester, construction plant

Foton Lovol was created in 2007 from the assets of the Shandong Foton Heavy Industries Co. Ltd company, a part of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.. Shandong Foton Heavy Industries was in turn founded in 2004[1] from the Beiqi Futian Automobile Company which sold under the Futian brand, which had been founded as the Weifang Harvesting Machinery Plant division of Beiqi Futian in 1998.[2]

Foton Lovol manufactures tractors, combine harvesters, Wheeled Loaders, Excavators, Backhoes, Rollers, drilling rigs, three-wheeled mini trucks, three-wheeled motorcycles, and other ag equipment.

Tractors and equipment have been sold by Foton Lovol under a variety of brand names by them, as well as under many different private labels by other importers. Foton Lovol's brands or former brands include: Futian, Futian Leopard, Futian Oubao, Foton, Foton Europard, EuroLeopard, Lovol, Beijing Helper and Oubao Futian.

Private labels imported by other companies include: Agro, Dadaoyuan, Dewan Foton, Dewan Foton Euro Leopard, Eagle, Estate, Euro, Europard, Europars, Eurostar, Eurotrac, Eurotrak, EuroWolf, Farm Pro, Frontier, Goldbull, Greenstar, Hanomag (Dowel), Hubei, Interstar, Iron, Jepe, Joshua Howard, Kellfri, King, LKD, Logus, Maverick, Maverick (Argentina), Monza, Noriker, North Star, Polmot Foton, SRD, Stockman, Tatanaka, Teknik Makina, Terra Trac, Terraplane, TNG, TomTrack, TOP, Tractor King, Veron, WorkTrak, Wuxing, Yuki, Zhongyuan.

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