Foster no. 14205 SM - Obsession - FE 1874 at Llandudno 09 - IMG 8877
Foster no. 14205 at Victorian Fair
Engine Details
Current Name Obsession
Manufacturer William Foster & Co.
Build date 1915/(Recreated ~ 1999)
Serial no. 14205
Registration no. FE 1589
Weight Tons (kg) 5 ton
Date into Preservation ?
Power nhp 4 nhp
No. of Cylinders 2
Cylinder type compound
No. of Gears 2
Ancillary equipment Showmans spec
Current Owner / Keeper M. Sheldon
Date bought (Current) Mainly new build
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
Auctioneer -
Private Sale -
Scraping date A few parts salvaged
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Foster no. 14205 is an steam tractor that was built in 1915 originally by William Foster & Co in Lincoln. This engine is currently owned by M Sheldon.

Engine HistoryEdit

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This engine has been rebuilt/recreated using a few salvage parts from the original Foster no. 14205. The parts had changed hands several times and some original parts were used in the restoration of other engines by the then owners.

Rebuild or new build is debatable but then few engines are totally original as wear & rust during the 100 year plus life of some engines has required replacement parts to a degree in all engines the survive in to preservation today. There are a number of engines with a similar history. One could ask how nuch of the locomotive Flying Scotsman which was owned in the past by steam collectors Tony Marchington and McAlpine and is now owned by the nation as part of the National Railway Museum collection is original after its many rebuilds.

The huge amount of work required to (re)build this engine from a pile of bits has resulted in the engines quirky name - Obsession.


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