Fordson Model N
Fordson Nodel N of 1934 reg GPP 220 at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9760.jpg
A restored Model N at Stoke Goldington Steam Rally in 2009
Model history
Model introduced 1929
Model discontinued 1945
Model status Discontinued
Preceded by Fordson Model F
Engine Specification
Engine make Ford
Power hp 27
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Cork, Ireland
Dagenham, UK
Plow rating Unknown
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A Fordson Model N Std at Stoke Goldington Steam Rally 2009

A 1941 Std Fordson N a local tractor to the Stoke Goldington Steam Rally all its life

The Fordson Model N replace the Fordson Model F which had been built in the Ford Dearborn, Michigan, USA plant for the Henry Ford and Son Company by the Ford Motor Company. The Cork, Ireland factory was opened in 1919 by Henry Ford to assemble kits from America and provide work in the Irish state (that was under British rule at that time). All Production of the Model N moved in Cork in 1929, when the production was stopped at Dearborn (to allow increased car production) as competition in the US market and the depression had reduced home sales of tractors. The 1930s decline in the economy and the cost of shipping in parts and most of the tractors out from Cork by sea forced the plants closure. Production of the Fordson Model N was then transferred from Cork to Dagenham, UK in 1933.

Model history[edit | edit source]

The Model N featured a 27 hp (20 kW) engine, standard rear fenders (mudguards), a higher voltage ignition system, and optional pneumatic tires. In 1935 a Power Take Off (PTO) was available as an option on the Model N.

The Model N varied from the earlier Model F in several details; Larger cylinder bore raised the power to 27 hp. Improved Air cleaner assembly, as early models suffered from wear from dusty conditions. Improved / restyled Mud guards.

In 1935 Land Utility model was introduced with a revised cylinder head devised by Harry Ricardo and an Oil bath air cleaner. The tractor was also fitted with 20" rims with pneumatic tyres, which latter became 28" rims in 1939.[1]

The tractors were shipped back to the USA from Dagenham for the US market, and exported to other countries. The Dagenham factory built 200,000 between 1933 and 1945.

Variations[edit | edit source]

An original Irish Fordson N of 1930 owned by J and P Bartle - Newark Vintage show 2008

A Fordson with Roadless tracks

The different models also had changes in the;

  • colour scheme used (main variations).
    • Blue with Orange wheels
    • All Orange
    • Green with Red wheels
  • Radiator detailing
  • Exhaust and air intakes
  • Tricycle row crop variant

Specials[edit | edit source]

In 1937 a Fordson Model N was fitted with a Perkins Leopard Diesel engine rated a 34 hp. This tractor (s/n 808499) was supplied by Robert Tildesley from Staffordshire, less engine. A total of 29 were converted but most were exported. [2] Perkins started developing the P series of engines to suit tractors but development halted during the war. And latter versions went into the Fordson E27N Major after the war in 1947.

During the war some models were supplied with steel rims as tyres were in short supply.

A few were fitted with the Roadless full track system during WW II mainly for RAF use with a winch.

Serial numbers[edit | edit source]

(starting number for year)[3]

  • 1929: 747682
  • 1930: 757369
  • 1931: 772565
  • 1932: 776066
  • 1933: 779154
  • 1934: 781967
  • 1935: 785548
  • 1936: 794703
  • 1937: 807581
  • 1938: 826779
  • 1939: 837826
  • 1940: 854238
  • 1941: 874914
  • 1942: 897624
  • 1943: 925274
  • 1944: 957574
  • 1945: 975419

Conversions[edit | edit source]

A Chaseside crane at the Belvoir Castle show in 2008

Preservation[edit | edit source]

There are alot of Fordson Model F & N in preservation as they were made and sold in vast numbers, but a few rare examples exist with short production runs from the many slight variants built. Afew rare Conversions based on the Model N also exist.

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