Fordson light van HDD 186 at Donnington 09 - IMG 6205small

A Immaculate Fordson E494C van at the Donington Park CV show

Fordson E494C van reg MUR 557 at boroughbridge CV 09 - IMG 9081

A restored Fordson Van on show at the Boroughbridge Classic Vehicle show in 2009

The Fordson E494C was a Light Van from the 1950-s based on the shape of the Ford Popular car and fitted with the Ford ? engine. The E494C was sold under the Fordson and Ford brands and fitted with the Van body or as a pickup.


A few original vans are on the preservation circuit but a lot were cannibalised for customising or used for banger racing and similar destructive motor sports. Most just rotted away.

List of Preserved Ford / Fordson E494C light commercial
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Registration No. Make-Model or type no Build-Year Engine-Make/Type Weight/class Chassis/Body type Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured Other info
MUR 557+ Fordson van 195? Ford 10cwt ? Van Owner ? Fordson E494C van reg MUR 557 at boroughbridge CV 09 - IMG 9081 At Boroughbridge Classic Vehicle show 2009 Based on Ford Popular
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Image needed LHB

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