Fordson E27N Major
2008 0227 074207
Model history
Model introduced 1945
Model discontinued 1952
Model status Discontinued
Engine Specification
Engine make Ford or Perkins
Power hp 45
Power kW 34
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Plow rating Unknown
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The Fordson Major Model E27N Tractor was introduced in 1945 and produced till 1952.


The E27N retained the Model N's 28.5 h.p. petrol and tractor vaporizing oil (TVO) side-valve engine that was fitted with cast iron pistons, splash feed lubrication, magneto ignition and a hand starting handle. The transmission was re-designed with a single-plate clutch, crown wheel differential, spur gear final drive and independent drum rear wheel brakes but the Model N gearbox was retained. There was an option of standard or high speed transmission versions, giving a top speed of 4.2 m.p.h.or 7.5 m.p.h. respectively. To differentiate between them the tractors with the low top gear had a green spot or if fitted with the optional higher gear a r ed spot was painted on the transmission case.

The tractors were painted in a dark blue, with orange wheels. The tractors had an improved hydraulic lift system fitted, and Ford worked with several manufacturers to develop a new range of implements to go with the tractors.

From 1947 the option of a Perkins P6 Diesel engine of 45 hp (34 kW) was offered, as farmers started to move from petrol to diesel. These models have a chrome badge of "4 rings intersecting a square stood on a corner" fitted to the radiator grill. This was a factory option but some models were retro fitted by dealers later or by farmers using conversion kits.


Perkins P6 in a Fordson E27N

Fordson E27N fitted with Perkins P6 at Harewood House Steam Rally 2008, tractor presented in as is condition, imported from Canada

  • Agricultural version - Std model, various changes and options during its production run.
    • Petrol/paraffin - Steel lug wheels
    • Petrol/Paraffin - Rubber tyres
    • Diesel P6 TA
  • Industrial Tractor - Drawbar with cushioning spring, No PTO, No Linkage, Windshield/canopy

Variations/ conversionsEdit

  • Row Crop (Tricycle) version not offered but Bettinson did a single front wheel conversion kit.
  • Some machine were used as the basis for other machines such as loading shovels by Chaseside.
  • "County Commercial Cars Company" also build some tracked conversions.
  • Barford & Perkins - Roller conversion
  • Muir-Hill - dumper conversions
  • Roadless - Half track conversions

Production/serial Nos.Edit

Till may 1950 on RH side of Engine block, then on the Flywheel housing[1]

  • 1945 - 980250
  • 1946 - 993498 (after 996341 drawbar changed)
  • 1947 - 1018978
  • 1948 - 1054094
  • 1949 - 1104657
  • 1950 - 1138235
  • 1951 - 1180610
  • 1952 - 1216575 to 1216990 (last built)

Preserved machinesEdit

Fordson E27N Major - LVT 100 at Llandudno 08 - P5050141

At Llandudno Transport Festival 2008

There are a lot of preserved machines about, some have been restored to a condition far superior to how they left the factory.

Please list any known examples of this model of tractor;

List of Preserved Fordson E27N Major tractors
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Make + Model No. Reg No.
(if known)
Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured in Other info
Fordson Major 507 UXM sn1018870 date engine owner ? Fordson E27N Major sn 1018870 - reg 507 UXM at Newark 08 - IMG 3624 at Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show 2008 notes
Fordson Major EC 7?91+
(number part obscured)
sn date engine owner ? Fordson E27N Major - EC 7?91 at Belvoir 08 - P5180408 Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2008 notes
Fordson Major BSK 412 sn date Perkins P6 owner ? Fordson E27N Major P6 engine - BSK 412 at masham 09 - IMG 0311 at Masham Steam Engine and Fair Organ Rally 2009 Perkins Conversion
Fordson Major EAS 851 sn date engine owner ? Fordson E27N Major - EAS 851 at Holcot 08 - IMG 0097 at Holcot Steam Rally + Kettering 2008 notes
Fordson Major HAS 291 sn date engine owner ? Fordsom Major E27N with Carc winch - HAS 291 at Masham 09 - IMG 0359 Masham Steam Engine and Fair Organ Rally 2009 Fitted with Carco winch
Fordson Major LVT 100+ sn date engine owner ? Fordson E27N Major - LVT 100 at Llandudno 08 - P5050141 at Llandudno Transport Festival 2008 notes
Fordson Major (Industrial) ORF 58+ sn date engine owner ? Image needed LHB

at Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009 Industrial model
Fordson Major UAS 767 sn ? date engine owner ? Fordson E27N Major - UAS 767 at (205) Welland 2012 - IMG 0899 A Welland Steam and Country Rally 2012 notes
Image needed LHB

Fordson Major reg no. ? sn date engine owner ? Image needed LHB

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Roadless E27N Major Half track - the rattler at Roadless 90 - IMG 3368

A rare Roadless Halftrack at the Roadless 90th event in 2009

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