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Ford Model T truck SV 6671 at Harewood 08

Early Ford Truck at Harewood House Steam Rally 2008

Ford truck cab interior early at Harewood

In side the timber cab(in) of early Ford truck

This article is about Ford Trucks in the USA
For UK and Europe Truck operations, see Ford Trucks.

The Ford Motor Company started building trucks in the United States from the earliest days of car production with the introduction of versions with flat truck bodies or Box vans. The some early models were built with removable bodies to allow use as a truck by farmers in the week and as car for the family at weekend to visit town and Church.


Ford logo on brass step

Brass step with Ford logo cast in

For the main history of the UK operations, see Ford of Britain.

In 1997, Ford sold off their American heavy truck division (Classes 7 and 8), and they became known as Sterling Trucks. Freightliner purchased the company, and was in turn purchased by Daimler AG. The Sterling brand was discontinued in 2009.[1] Ford continues building medium class trucks with the F-650 and F-750 Ford F-Series and recently introduced the LCF series similar in design to the Ford Cargo trucks of the past.

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  • Ford Model T - 19 ? - Assembled at the "Trafford Park" factory in Manchester, England.
  • More details required of US model range
  • Ford Model AA - several versions
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