The Ford TW series of tractors was introduced in 1979 as replacements for the top end models in the Ford ? series.

Model rangeEdit

Model Year Introduced Power Engine replaced by ? Year discontinued photo misc notes
Ford TW-10 1979 110 hp Ford non turbo Ford TW-15 1983 Ford TW10 4wd tractor
Ford TW-20 1979 140 hp Ford Turbo Ford TW-25 1983 Ford TW20
Ford TW-30 1979 165 hp Ford Turbo & Intercooler Ford TW-35 1983 Image needed LHB
Ford TW-5 1983 105 hp Ford - 1986 Image needed LHB


Ford TW-15 1983 120 hp Ford New Holland 1990 Image needed LHB
Ford TW-25 1983 140 hp Ford Turbo New Holland 1989 Ford TW-25 - M.Stone at Belvoir 08 - P5180416
Ford TW-35 1983 170 hp Ford Turbo & Intercooler New Holland 1986 Image needed LHB

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The Ford FW series for High horse power articulated designs (built by Steiger) for ford

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