Ford built implements almost from the get-go. When the first Fordson tractors appeared on the market, Ford began building implements under the Dearborn brand, named after Dearborn, Michigan, USA, where Ford was based. Others were produced under the Ford-Ferguson brand during the period of that partnership.

Many of these implements were red in color. After the brand change to Ford, the implements brand was soon changed as well. And when blue was adopted for the Ford tractors, the implements also followed. Many of the Ford implements were phased out over the years. Some had been manufactured by other manufacturers, painted blue and sold as Ford. Ford was a full-line manufacturer.

Implements included planters, tillage equipment, hay equipment, manure spreaders, etc...

Ford purchased New Holland from Sperry-New Holland in 1985. The New Holland hay equipment and manure spreaders continued under the New Holland brand, and bearing either the red color, or the red and yellow of New Holland.

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  • Ford Tractor Implements, Rod Beemer &‎ Chester Peterson, 1998, MBI

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