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Ford Conversions Event 2012
Ford conversions 2012 road run - IMG 1477-Cropped
selection of Ford based conversions line up for road run
Organisers David Leech and the Blue Force Club
In aid of
Local charities
Sponsors (main)
Date held on September 2009
Duration (days) 2
Venue Farm
County Lincolnshire
Country England
NTET Accredited
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
A thousand plus
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Last Event was held in (year) 2012
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Roadless 7804 sn 7805 - at Ford Conversions Event - IMG 1086

Roadless 7804 at Ford Conversions Event 2012

The Ford Conversions Working Event organised by David Leech and the Blue Force club managed to get about 200 tractors and other conversions based on Ford Tractors together in one place, from the many different manufacturers of tractors and other machines, including a number of very rare machines. This number is the most such machines based on the Ford Marque ever gathered in one place in the UK.

The event was co-organised by the Blue Force Club and local dairy farmer David Leech,[1] with support from local dealers.

The event featured some very rare and unique tractors rarely seen in public from makes such as,

Maker summary
Maker Number present
Bettinson 3
Bruff 1 drainer (on Jewelltrac)
Burton special 1
County Tractors 40 +
Doe 18 tractor + 1 Generator
Jewelltrac 3
J.J. Thomas (Farm Tractor Sales) Ltd 1
Mailam 2 crawlers
Matbro/Matbro Bray 4,
Muir-Hill 11
Natco 1 tractor
Northrop 5
Perkins  ?
Roadless 50 +
GF Thompson 1 mine dumper
Whitlock Brothers Limited 1 digger
Other machines 20+

Tractor & machinery models presentEdit

Most models were represented. (updated summary list of models to follow)


Several examples of Bettinson's rowcrop tricycle conversions of Fordson Majors were present.


Jewelltrac 120 - Bruff drainer at Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 2248

Bruff drainer

A Bruff drainage laying machine based on a Jewelltrac 120 was one of the biggest and most unusual machines present.

Burton 148Edit

A Custom built V8 engined conversion of a Roadless tractor.

County TractorsEdit

add list here


Does at work - Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 1938

A few of the Does at Work

? restored examples of Doe conversions were present with most of them taking a turn in the working area.

Model summary
Model Reg Number owner photo notes
Doe Triple D no. 202 WWC 330 James Hardstaff collection to add
Doe Triple D no. 319 635 LTM  ? Doe Triple-D - (635 LTM) at Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 2256
Doe Triple D no. 267 reg no, ?  ? Doe Triple-D no.D267 - at Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 2204
Doe Triple D no. 270  ? Mike Brockway to add
Doe Triple D no. 274 5855 WF  ? Doe Triple-D no. D274 - (5855 WF) at Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 2186
Doe Triple D no. 319 635 LTM James Hardstaff collection Doe Triple-D - (635 LTM) at Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 2256
Doe Triple D no. 330 764 VYA Bernard Saunders to add
Doe 130 sn D 587 FEW 756D Burton, ? Doe 130 - FEW 756D + Ransomes 5f plough at Ford Conversons Event 2012 - IMG 2209 with 5 furrow plough
Doe 130 sn D ? ? Micheal Hoey, Dublin to add Immaculate example


Only one of the continental EVA conversions was present.


3 of these rare successors to the Roadless tractor were present, One being the basis of the Bruff drainer (see above),and 2 immaculately restored Jewelltrac 116 tractors.


6 restored examples were on display at the Ford Conversions Event 2012

Model summary
Model Reg Number owner photo notes
Northrop sn 10043 no reg no  ? to add Fitted with Turbocharger
Northrop sn ? EYA 447C  ? to add Immaculate restoration
Northrop sn ? FRR 54C  ? to add Mechanically restored
Northrop sn ? no reg no. Roger Desborough to add Immaculate restoration
Northrop sn ? no reg no. of ? to add fitted with turbo
Northrop sn ?  ? Cooke family collection to add used at ploughing days


Model summary
Model Number present
Roadless N Fulltrack  ?
Roadless E27N Major Fulltrack  ?
Roadless E27N Major Half-track 2
Roadless Fordson N Half-track  ?
Roadless J17 E1A Major Fulltrack 1
Roadless Dexta  ?
Roadless Power Major  ?
Roadless Super Major  ?
Roadless Ploughmaster 6/4 2 (Green/yellow)
Roadless Ploughmaster 46  ?
Roadless Ploughmaster 65  ?
Roadless Ploughmaster 75  ?
Roadless Ploughmaster 78  ?
Roadless Ploughmaster 80  ?
Roadless Ploughmaster 90  ?
Roadless 94T  ?
Roadless 95  ?
Roadless 98  ?
Roadless 105  ?
Roadless 115 2
Roadless 118 1
Roadless 120 2
Roadless 780  ?
Roadless 7804 1
Roadless 980 0
Roadless 9804 1
Jewelltrac 116 2
Jewelltrac 120 1
Bruff drainer
(built on a Jewelltrac 120)
Totals (provisional figures) 200 est

More to follow

Speed Ploughing Edit

The event included a speed ploughing challenge between the different marques for ploughing using a one acre plot.

Speed ploughing at Ford Conversions 2012 - IMG 2216

Speed ploughing challenge

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A day out at this historic event.

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