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The iconic water tower at Fords (former) Basildon tractor factory seen from the Essex Country Show site at Billericay, in Essex

The Ford Basildon factory was built in the 1960s to produce the new Ford World series tractors Ford 6X series. The factory was built at Basildon in Essex a few miles from Ford's existing facility at Dagenham in Essex. The tractor production was moved from Dagenham to Basildon to allow expansion of the car production lines and engine building facilities. Engines from Dagenham being used in the new tractor assembly plant along with other castings from the facilities large foundry complex.

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New Holland - (White and Blue) - - 1655684

New tractors at the New Holland factory at Basildon Essex

The Basildon facility was transfered to New Holland when Ford sold the agricultural division to Fiat of Italy in the late 1990s, after deciding to withdraw from the tractor market to concentrate on the Automobile industry.

The facility is now operated by CNH Global and is the only tractor factory in the UK.

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