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Ford 7810
Ford 7810 SII reg F131 HAM at Newby 09 - IMG 2387.jpg
Model history
Model introduced 1987
Model discontinued 1991
Model status Discontinued
No. produced Unknown
Preceded by introduced as alternative to 7910
Superseded by Ford 7840
Engine Specification
Engine make Ford
Engine model ?
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp 90 hp
Displacement cu in /(litre) 401 cu inches (6.6 litre)
No. of Cylinders 6
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Gearbox make Ford
Forward 8 constant mesh or 16 synchro dual power
Reverse 2 contant mesh or 8 dual power
Drive 2-WD or 4-WD (option)
General Data
Linkage Category Cat II
Lift capacity (lb/kg) 4,020 lbs (1823 kg])
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front 7.50x16 (2-WD)
Rear 16.9x30 (2-WD)
Tractor Dimensions
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 7,750 lbs (3515 kg)
Wheelbase 88 inches (2220 mm)
Cab Details
Type of Cab Super Q
Other info
Factories ?
Plow rating Unknown
Notes 540/1000 pto
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The Ford 7810 was built by Ford from 1987 to 1991 in the Basildon Factory. The Model was updated 3 times and a special 'silver Jubilee' edition released in 1989 to mark 25 years of tractor production at the Ford Basildon Factory

Model History

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  • Introduced in 1987 as a alternative to the Ford 7910
  • updated in ?
  • Silver Jubilee version released in 1989
  • Discontinued in 1990/1

Factory locations


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Variations and Options

Silver Jubilee

A 7810 Silver Jubilee

A special edition was made in 1989 to celebrate 25 years of Fords tractors built at Basildon, Essex. The Tractors were all painted in a special Silver livery. The tractors were supplied with some 'optional' extras as standard fitments, but there are variations to spec as some users specified other options apparently according to some reports. At the time the tractors were not that popular as they stood out and some were repainted Blue by the dealers to sell them or later on at trade-in as they were valued less. But now they are sought after by collectors and some 'fakes' exist.

How many were actual built ? (one per dealer ?)

Serial Numbers Information

Serial Numbers and Year of Manufacture data[1]
Year Serial run Number Built Notes (Total built ?).
1980 First built
1990 Last built No.
1990 serial no Number built Notes


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List of known Ford 7810 tractors in preservation
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Reg No.
(if known)
Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured in Other info
reg no. sn unknown 19? ? Owner ? 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images 150px]] at Notes
G882 CDC+ S/n unknown 19? ? K.H. & S. Bosomworth Ford 7810 - SIII Silver Jubilee - G882 CDC at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 8015.jpg at Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009 Silver Jubilee limited edition
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Reg no Serial no Build date Engine Owner 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

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