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For the modern company, see Versatile. For the former tractor manufacturer, see Ford. Ford-Versatile was the result of the 1986 merger between the Ford tractor division and the Versatile Co. The name was used on the Ford-New Holland articulated tractor line from 1986 to 1994. After Fiat bought Ford-New Holland, all of the tractor lines were merged into simply New Holland. However, in 1999, with the merge of New Holland and Case IH, due to restrictions, they had to sell the Versatile factory in Winnipeg, Canada, and the International Harvester factory in Doncaster, England. After that, the Ford-Versatile name disappeared.


In the 1980s, the going was tough. Lots of companies disappeared. The Articulated Giant manufactures had it even tougher. Since their models were way more expensive, and they were smaller than the Giants manufacturers, John DeereJ. I. Case and Massey-Ferguson, they found it impossible to maintain production. So, in 1986, Versatile agreed to sellout to Ford. The new company renamed to Ford-Versatile, and in 1988, resumed production. Then in 1994, Fiat decided to merge all of the brands into New Holland. The Ford-Versatile name continued until 1999, when Case IH joined. In 2001 the Versatile factory in Winnipeg was sold to Buhler Industries. After that, the Ford-Versatile name was dropped. Versatile continued to build the Genesis tractors and engines until about 2010.