Floaraire truck - DAH 492B at belvoir 2010 - IMG 2866

A Floataire Truck

Floataire Truck DAH 492B at Belvoir 2010 - IMG 2872

Floataire were a manufacturer of works trucks used for moving materials about on large sites such as in factories, dockyards and market gardens. The company was based in Leicester, England. (date ?)

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The name Floataire Ltd is registered still at 18A Brewins Way, Brierley Hill, West Midlands DY5 1UF. (The name Floataire comes up on many internet searches associated with Plastic Extrusion Machinery offered for sale.)

'The name is a subsidiary of D-S Brookes Ltd a European subsidiary of Davis-Standard LLC of the US and a manufacture of plastic extrusion machinery and owner of several former UK based manufacturers of plastics machinery'.[1]

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  • Floataire Truck - 3 wheeled works truck with tiller steering


A number of examples have been seen at UK Steam rallies - do you know of any more examples ?

  • DAH 492B of (circa) 1964 shown above was sold at Cheffins april 2008 sale for £180 + com + vat.[2]
  • A restored Floataire tug model (ex Bradford parks department) is currently being exhibited at shows in Cumbria.
  • Another Truck WVG 778L new to Norwich City Council the 3rd one of 5 used in the Parks & Allotments Division is now in the process of being restored.

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