A Finger Bar Mower also known as a Sickle mower or reciprocating mower in some areas, was a early type of machine for mechanised cutting of Corn and Grass. The early machines dating bacck to the early 1800s were pulled by horses and had a series of knife blades thar were fixed on a "Bar" that moved between fixed "Fingers" thus cutting like scissors by shearing the stemms off. The drive was from a gear off one of the wheels. The same design of bar was later built to fix directly to tractors either mid mounted or on the rear and driven by the PTO shaft. Early horse ones were readily adapted to being tractor pulled by the drawbar. A latter variation created the first Hedge Cutters by fitting the cutter to an adjustable arm. The design was also adapted for the combine harvester with a much longer cutter bar forming the cutter at the front of the combines header (table) as in the earlier Reapers.

Pair of trailed finger bar mowersDSC01285

A pair of Bamford Finger mowers on display at a vintage machinery show

Fahr D66 1957 with Mower-P8100543

A German built Fahr tractor with mid mounted mower bar.


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