Field Marshall Serial No. 16147 is a Series 3A tractor built by Marshall, Sons & Co. of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire]] England.

Field Marshall number 16147 awaiting restoration

Tractor History[edit | edit source]

Exported new to Australia as one of a consignment of machines all painted in grey primer. But would have been painted green originally on the production line.

Related tractors[edit | edit source]

This tractor would have likely been shipped from England to Australia with nos. 16138 & 16160.

As of 26th August 2012 these are the known survivors from this batch of machines

Field Marshall's 16138 & 16160 owned by Cameron Anderson were all found in similar condition and have been returned to the UK and restored in their original green livery.

16147 has been restored in 'original pattina condition' to running order, with replacement wheel rims and tyres, and a mechanical overhaul to the engine, and a new seat fitted. Traces of original green and grey paint remain in some areas of the timwork but it is mainly in weathered steel condition. Seen at Lincolnshire Steam Rally in 2016.

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