Field Marshall 14482 is a Field Marshall Series 3 tractor built by Marshall, Sons & Co. of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. This tractor was Built in 1952.

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Skid unit on temporary wheels


No known prior history

Sold on Ebay September 2012

Missing steering box, front axle, rear tyres, wings etc

Hopefully to be restored

Added by Cameron Anderson 27/9/2012

Restoration reportEdit

Rebuild has been ongoing as a side project for the last 2 years! Most parts have been sourced but it's still missing a front axle (I have a series 2 axle to get it moving for now). Hopefully it'll be in a position to crank it over and start the old girl in the next fewweeks.

22/06/14 G Farley
It arrives!
Still haven't changed the tyres yet

Still haven't changed the tyres

Started and driven (2 years after last post!!), Still in need of a S3 axle but is mobile for now!

29/06/16 G Farley

Registered for the road. Driven and shown for the first time at Tatworth playing fields steam and tractor rally.

03/06/17 G Farley

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