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Ferguson equipment and accesories poster

The Ferguson Tractor Company sold a whole range of Ferguson Branded Implements to compliment the tractors. Some were built by Ferguson others (as with other firms) were bought in from manufactures and badged as Ferguson. With some being designed or modified to there own specification.

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Belt pulley


Corn mill

Crop sprayer


Earth Scoop

  • Ferguson Earth Scoop

Fertiliser spreader

Ferguson fertiliser spreader

Forklift attachment

Half track system


Hay rake


A Ferguson banana loader on the Ferguson Club stand at Newby Hall Vintage show 2008

Mole plough

A Mole plough mounted on a Ferguson tractor


Muck spreader

Muck fork


Post Hole Auger

Potato planters

Potato spinner

A restored potato spinner at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009

Rear loader

Ferguson rear loader- sack lifter

Saw bench

A restored Ferguson belt driven Sawbench on display at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009

Seed drill

A restored Ferguson Drill on transport trailer at Newark VTH show 2008


Restored Ferguson 3 ton tipping trailer

Transport box

Yard scraper

Ferguson Owners Clubs

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