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The Ferguson TO30 is a quality built tractor that can still performs well today.

Model history

The TO-30 was built in Detroit by Ferguson Ltd as the successor to the earlier TO-20 from 1951. It was based on the TE-30 but with US sourced parts and a Continental Z-129 engine.

The Massey-Harris-Ferguson designed Ferguson TO-35 replaced it in 1955, following the merger of Ferguson with Massey-Harris in 1953.

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Owner comments

I have a 1952 model which I use to plow and till the garden and tow trees to cut up for firewood. The hydraulics work well and I found them useful in removing old posts that were sunk four feet into the ground. This year I replaced the head gaskets and found the castings to be solid and true. While I was at it I dressed it up with new paint. I was able to find parts on line and decided to buy from Yesterday's Tractors but the Ferguson TO30 was only made for a few years and seems to be pretty much forgotten. Too bad. It really is a well made Tractor.

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