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* Ferguson type A - more commonly called the [[Ferguson-Brown]]
* Ferguson type A - more commonly called the [[Ferguson-Brown]]
* [[Ford-Ferguson]] - 9N and 2N
* [[Ford-Ferguson]] - 9N and 2N
** [[Fordson N series]] - Includes 8N built by Ford after split
** [[Ford N series]] - Includes 8N built by Ford after split
* [[Ferguson TO-series]] - overseas version of TE-20
* [[Ferguson TO-series]] - overseas version of TE-20
* [[Ferguson TO-35]] - Successor to TO-20
* [[Ferguson TO-35]] - Successor to TO-20
* [[Ferguson TE-35]] - Successor to TE-20, replaced by [[MF 35]] after merger with [[Massey-Harris]]
* [[Ferguson FE-35]] - Successor to TE-20, replaced by [[MF 35]] after merger with [[Massey-Harris]]
==References / sources==
==References / sources==

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Ferguson TEA20 - Lamma-IMG 4500

A ferguson TEA-20 on display at the LAMMA show in 2009

The Ferguson TE 20 was built from 1946 to 1956. The model had a range of engine options and specials for differing markets. The actual numbers sold of some versions was very low. The TE stood for Tractor England This was Fergusons 3 rda attempt to build a cheap simple tractor after his JV with David Brown to build the Ferguson-Brown failed to sell as well as expected due to cost. Then his JV with Henry Ford produced the Ford-Ferguson, which sold well but then Harry Ferguson and Henry Ford

Model history

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Production data


TE-20 Tractor build dates all models
Model Production Years Engine make Engine type Fuel Version Notes
TE-20 1946-1948 Continental Z-120 petrol STd tractor
TEA-20 1947-1956 Standard Motor Co petrol
TEB-20 1946-1948 Continental Z-120 petrol Narrow
TEC-20 1948-1956 Standard petrol Narrow
TED-20 1949-1956 Standard Vaporising 0il (TVO)
TEE-20 1949-1956 Standard V.0. Narrow
TEF-20 1951-1956 Standard diesel
TEH-20 1950-1956 Standard lamp oil
TEJ-20 1950-1956 Standard lamp oil Narrow
TEK-20 1952-1956 Standard petrol Vineyard
TEL-20 1952-1956 Standard V.0. Vineyard
TEM-20 1952-1956 Standard lamp oil Vineyard
TEP-20 1952-1956 Standard petrol Industrial
TER-20 1952-1956 Standard V.O. Industrial
TES-20 1952-1956 Standard lamp oil Industrial
TET-20 1952-1956 Standard diesel Industrial
TEY-20 1955-1956 Perkins P3(TA) Diesel conversion

Serial No data

Serial Numbers and Year of Manufacture
Year Serial run No. Built Notes (Total built 517,651).
1946 1-315 315 First TE-20 built 6 July 1946
1947 316-20894 20578 First TEA-20 built No.8710
1948 20895-77772 56---
1949 77773-116461 First TED-20 built No.94952
1950 116462-167836
1951 167837-241335 First TEF-20 built No.200001
1952 241335-310779
1953 310780-367998
1954 367999-428092
1955 428093-488578
1956 488579-517651 Last TE-20 built No.517651
October 1956


These are probably the most popular tractor in preservation in the UK.

  • List known examples below with reg No and/or serial no to identify them. (table to be added when a few examples listed)

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