Nooteboom trailer Fassi crane at welland 2010IMG 8328

Machinery trailer by Nooteboom fitted with Fassi FX950XP crane

Fassi S.p.a. are an Italian builder of Lorry Cranes, based in Bergamo Italy. The company was founded by Franco Fassi in 1955 and the company built its first lorry crane in 1964.

Company historyEdit

1955 - Franco Fassi, his passion for mechanics and his sound business sense

1964 – The first hydraulic crane bearing the Fassi name is built at the Albino factory

1968 – The first Fassi foreign dealer opens in France

1972 - Fassi cranes conquer the European market

1982 – The innovation of the fifth wheel and specialisation in building construction

1987 – Fassi becomes involved in the sector of cranes for military use

1989 – With the F750, Fassi launches its new series of heavy-duty cranes

1991 – Ever-faster extensions for every-greater reach

1993 – The new frontiers of design

1996 - The Fassi group consolidates and develops its structures

Innovation is the goal that has been at the centre of all activities during the last decade.
As regards industrial innovation, investments in the Fassi group have been concentrated along three main lines: technological renewal of the production lines, extension of manufacturing units and renovation of process logics so as to offer made-to-measure cranes.
Product innovation, which is inspired by total integration of electronics in the crane, has resulted in a distinct improvement in performance throughout the existing range of products.

Product rangeEdit

Lorry loader cranes from 1 ton/m up to 100 ton/m with a 40m reach.

They also build cranes for mounting on boats and on railway maintenance trains.

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