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Farmers Foundry no. 36

Farmers Foundry Co. was based at the 'St.Andrews Works' in Great Ryburgh, Norfolk, England in the late 19th and early 20th century. The company built agricultural machinery and a number of Portable engines, but only 2 are known to survive in the UK.


The Farmers Foundry Co of St Andrew's Works, Great Ryburgh, was established by Percival Everitt and William John Adams and traded as Everitt, Adams and Co.

  • 1878 - Percival Everitt has a patent for a ploughing engine.
  • 1880 - Building horse drawn mowers & Cast Iron troughs.[1]
  • 1881 - Entered in to an agreement with Charles Burrell and Sons to make the engines for them.
  • 1888 - By this time it was trading as Farmers Foundry Co.
  • 1910 - Building portable engines
  • 1944/5 - company still in existence but closed some date later.[2]

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