The Farmall 1568 is a tractor built by the International Harvester company in the USA.


The Farmall 1568 was an International Harvester Co. tractor similar to the Farmall 1468, borrowing the same V8 DV-550 engine from the International Truck division. The tractor differed by using the transmission and accessories from the larger Farmall 1566 model rather than the Farmall 1466 model that the 1468 used. The last letter in the model number denotes the number of cylinders, These V8 machines appealed to the younger farmers of the time who liked the hotrod style twin exhausts and the unmistakable roar of the V8 engine. The DV-550 engine used was unique for the time, as while idling or at low load, the engine ran on just 4 cylinders, once more power was required, fuel was sent to the other 4 cylinders thus reaching full power but remaining relatively fuel efficient. To this day the 550 cubic inch V8 remains the largest engine factory fitted into a Farmall tractor.


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