FWD Motors based in Slough England, (originally the "Four Wheel Drive Lorry Co. Ltd) started building trucks from the FWD Auto Co of America in 1918 under licence. The Company later re branded as Hardy in 1931.


The firm started building trucks as a British version of the American the Four Wheel Drive Co. FWD Auto Co truck that was imported during the First world war. The Company build a version called the QUAD initially, fitted with a Dorman Diesels engine.

The firm then in 1927 launched a new version as a 6X6 fitted with an 6-cylinder Dorman Diesels engine. then in 1927 they agreed to use a AEC engine. The firm then in 1931 changed its name to Hardy as the trucks nolonger related to th original FWD design, other than being all wheel drive.

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FWD truck - DS7570 at Hollycombe 2012 - IMG 1270

FWD truck at Hollycombe Steam Museum

  • Several exist in the UK with the American name The Four Wheel Drive Auto Co. cast in the radiator header.[1] Are these original imports or UK Built machines ?
  • DS 7570 - see right

Do any more exist today ?.

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