FTF Trucks are a small Dutch truck brand built in the Netherlands by Floor's Handel en Industrie BV.


FTF trucks 6x4 showmans at Donington Park 09 - IMG 6226small

A rare (in UK) preserved FTF undergoing restoration. presented at the Donington Park CV show in 2009

King trailer with FTF truck on board at Donington park 09 - IMG 6225small

Rear of the FTF showmans with rear mounted generator set, HD towing Jaw fitted (Dutch registered)

The firm was a Dutch haulage contractor that started building trailers after the 2nd World war, and then imported Mack trucks to assemble from 1952. When Mack started there own factory in Holland in 1964 Floor's decided to build there own trucks from bought in components. The started building them under the FTF brand in 1966, using Mack parts and Detroit Diesel engines, Motor Panels cabs from Britain and Fuller or Allison Transmissions gearboxes and axles. The firm specialises in heavy duty 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8 and 10x8 chassis. A lot for the Dutch Bulk tipper market were they are tailored to the axle loading regs allowing a higher capacity than std trucks from mainstream manufacturers.

Floor ceased its production of FTF trucks in 1995, after 30 years. The reason given was that development costs were too high with the increasingly complicate rules,and a down turn in the market. The last truck that was built was a type FD-8.20D1 road train for ECT. Floor trucks operation had built around 650 FTF trucks over a period of 30 years.


Several example including a V12 powered one in Mammoet colours are on the continental Preservation circuit. A couple of examples are known in the UK (photo above of one).

  • 1972 FTF model 8V-71N fitted with Detroit Diesel, Allison 6 speed gearbox, Ballast body, and converted high top cab. Undergoing restoration to working condition (was parked up for 12 years, after 15 years pulling amusement rides)
  • 1980 FTF model FS-8.20D fitted with demountable body/ballast box in Vanguard Machinery Removals livery - UK Reg KUC 913W. Fitted with Kirkstall axles and Motor Panels Ltd cab. It was rated at 120 ton GTW.
FTF FS-8.20D 6x4 (KUC 913W) at Scorton 2017 - IMG 7940

FTF in Vanguard livery

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