Predecessor None
Successor Luis Losi S.A.
Founded 19XX
Defunct 1998 (continues as Luis Losi S.A.)
Headquarters Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina
Products buses

F.E.R.E.S.A. was/is an enterrian establishment with address in Avenida de las Américas 2604 (3100) of the city of Paraná, whose Tel / fax is 3434351446.

Automotive stage Edit

His most important moment was in the mid-80s when he launched the light truck AV-120, which also had its minibus version.

Re-change the industrial activity Edit

In 1998, it changes its name: "Luis Losi Sociedad Anónima was recognized as the new corporate name of the terminal company of the automotive industry Fabrica Entre Rios de Engranajes Sociedad Anónima (FERESA) Bs. As., 7/15/98 / BO: 20/7 / 98 --- HAVING SEEN the file Nº 060-006299 / 97 of the Registry of the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY AND WORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, and CONSIDERING: That by the aforementioned file the signature FABRICA ENTRE RIOS DE GEAROS SOCIEDAD ANONIMA (FERESA) requests the change of its corporate name by LUIS LOSI SA That the company FACTORY ENTRE RIOS DE ENGRANAJES SOCIEDAD ANONIMA (FERESA) was incorporated into the Regime of the Automotive Industry established by Law 21932 as a terminal company through the issuance of Administrative Decision No. 72 of dated November 1, 1995. That the name change whose recognition is managed has its origin in a corporate merger of the business group to which the managing firm belongs. The merger did not mean the transfer of the stock package, continuing the decision-making role in the same persons who are holders of the benefits of the Automotive Industry Regime granted to the FACTORY ENTRE RIOS DE ENGRANAJES SOCIEDAD ANONIMA (FERESA). That, in view of the foregoing, the approval of the requested has been considered pertinent. That the Legal Department of the Area of ​​Industry, Commerce and Mining dependent on the GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF LEGAL AFFAIRS OF THE MINISTRY OF ECONOMY AND WORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES has taken the intervention that is its responsibility. That the present resolution is issued in use of the powers conferred by article 26 of Decree No. 2677 dated December 20, 1991. Thus; THE SECRETARY OF INDUSTRY, TRADE AND MINING RESOLVES: Article 1 - Recognize the firm LUIS LOSI SOCIEDAD ANONIMA as the new corporate name of the terminal company of the automotive industry FABRICA ENTRE RIOS DE ENGRANAJES SOCIEDAD ANONIMA (FERESA). Art. 2 - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Registry and file. - Alieto A. Guadagni ".

Luis Losi S.A. (formerly F.E.R.E.S.A.) now Edit

Thus, Luis Losi SA was dedicated to the business of manufacturing PVC openings and home elevators. However, the firm also with interests in mining, construction and road works took over the resurfacing of Calle 25 de Mayo, in General Ramírez, Entre Ríos. In 2011, he participated in a trade mission organized by the national and provincial government in Santiago, Chile, together with a score of businessmen from the province.


DanCar sprayer model
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Feresa AV 120 198X-199X Perkins AV 120 in Pesados Argentinos


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