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FAW Bus and Coach
Founded 1959
Headquarters Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Products buses
Parent FAW Group

FAW Bus and Coach is a bus manufacturer located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Founded in 1959, it was assigned under the FAW Group in 1986.[1] The buses are sold under the Taihu brand.

The Dalian division of FAW Bus and Coach Co Ltd manufactures Jie Fang and Yuan Zheng brand medium and large-size buses in an 186,300 square meter factory in Dalian, Liaoning, China.[2] An unfinished bus production base in at the Dalian Economic & Technological Development Zone is expected to be complete in mid-2010 and will produce hybrid buses.[3]


  • Taihu CA6100S1H2
  • Taihu CA6100S2H2
  • Taihu CA6122CH2
  • Taihu XQ6102SH2
  • Taihu XQ6103Y1H2
  • Taihu XQ6104S
  • Taihu XQ6113Y1H2
  • Taihu XQ6123Y1H2
  • Taihu XQ6600TQ9
  • Taihu XQ6601TQ9
  • Taihu XQ6609TQ2
  • Taihu XQ6739SH2
  • Taihu XQ6761SH9
  • Taihu XQ6769SH2
  • Taihu XQ6791YH2
  • Taihu XQ6820S1H2
  • Taihu XQ6861YH2
  • Taihu XQ6890SH2
  • Taihu XQ6890S1H2
  • Taihu XQ6961T1


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