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Excelsior is a Latin word meaning "ever upward". Though an adjective, it is sometimes used in English as an interjection.

It may refer to:

Named vehiclesEdit

Steam vehiclesEdit

Several steam vehicles are named Excelsior;

Science fiction Edit

  • USS Excelsior (NCC-2000), a starship in Star Trek
  • Excelsior class starship, in Star Trek

Motto and catchphrase Edit

  • "Excelsior", the official motto of the state of New York (seen on its seal)

Companies, organisations and institutions Edit

Places Edit

Canada Edit

South Africa Edit

United States Edit

Sports and games Edit

  • Birmingham Excelsior F.C., a defunct English association football club
  • Excelsior Stadium, the home of Airdrie United F.C. of the Scottish Football League Second Division

Science and technology Edit

  • Wood wool, commonly known as excelsior, a wood sliver material used for packaging, for the pads in evaporative coolers, and for other applications
  • Excelsior Diamond, a famous diamond, once the largest known
  • Fraxinus excelsior, the Linnaean name for the European Ash tree
  • Excelsior Manxman, a motorcycle
  • Excelsior tank, a British experimental heavy assault tank
  • St Croix Excelsior, ultralight aircraft

Other Edit

  • Excelsior (smack), the last surviving fishing smack of the Lowestoft fishing fleet and a member of the National Historic Fleet
  • SS Excelsior (ship), one of several steam-powered ships named Excelsior
  • Excelsior Brass Band, a brass band from New Orleans. It was one of the earliest recognized brass bands on the New Orleans jazz scene
  • Excelsior Editions, a trade imprint of the book publisher SUNY Press
  • XCELSIOR, a transit bus manufactured by New Flyer Industries

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