Escorts JCB Ltd (EJCB)
Founded 1979
Defunct 2003
Headquarters Ballabgarh, Haryana, India
Products construction equipment
Parent Escorts Group and JCB

Escorts JCB Ltd (EJCB) was a construction plant manufacturing company based in Ballabgarh, Haryana, India, and was a joint venture between the Escorts Group of India and JCB of England. Founded in 1979, Escorts held 40% of the company, and JCB had the remaining 60%.[1] The joint venture was dissolved in 2003.[2][3]

EJCB manufactured backhoes, excavators, wheel loaders and distributed skid-steer loaders under the Escorts JCB name.[4]


Escorts JCB backhoe Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes
Escorts JCB 3D backhoe 76 hp (57 kW) Kirloskar
Escorts JCB 3DS backhoe 76 hp (57 kW) Kirloskar
Escorts JCB 4CX backhoe 96 hp (72 kW) Perkins
Escorts JCB 430 Z wheel loader
Escorts JCB JS 200 tracked excavator


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