Escorts Agri
Founded 1961
Headquarters Faridabad, India
Industry agriculture machinery
Escorts agri logo

Escort or Escorts is a tractor brand in India built by the Escorts Group (Escorts Agri). Originally, Escorts built licensed Ursus tractors and engines, beginning in 1961. In 1969, Escorts and Ford set up a joint venture as Escorts Agri to build licensed Ford tractors in India. The collaboration with Ford/New Holland continued until 1996, when the cooperation ended. The Escort brand is one of three brands that Escorts Agri builds, the others being Farmtrac and Powertrac. Escorts also has a factory in Poland that was purchased from Pol-mot in 1999 and produces both Escort and Farmtrac models.[1]

Escort (Pol-mot) logo

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