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Emergency service vehicles are a type of vehicle built in relatively small numbers, that are adapted (or nowdays custom built) to perform specialist roles, mainly for Government agencies in cases of emergencies or accidents and other criss. They are highly equipped with additional specialist accessories and equipment and often carry a crew of up to 6 personnel.

Main types

Fire Engine

A modern Fire engine

Main article: Fire Engine

Vehicles designed with powerful pumps and ladders for fire fighting. Modern Fire engines are also equipped for rescue operations from motor vehicle accidents and supported by other specialist models for other types of incident.


A custom built Ambulance unit for Event support based on a Fiat van chassis

Main article: Ambulance

Vehicle equipped for carrying casualties to hospital and for treating injuries and resuscitating accident victims.

Police vehicles

A typical UK local Police car based on a Ford Focus family car

Main article: Police vehicles

A range of vehicles mainly cars with extra equipment and the 'dayglow' high visibility paint job and sirens. Others are fast response traffic cars for chasing criminals and getting to traffic accidents fast equipped with ancillary equipment such as First aid kits, signage and lights and today High-tec traffic monitoring systems to read number plates and check speeds as well as check the details instantly with Government computer databases.

Other vehicles include mobile incident rooms, portable police stations and specialist search and rescue units and dog and Mounted units.

Breakdown and Recovery vehicles

A modern Commercial vehicle recovery truck

Main article: Breakdown truck

Specialist vehicles used by contractors to support the emergency services and recover broken down and crashed vehicles from road traffic accidents. Also used just recover or repair defective vehicle from the highway.

Lifeboat & Coastguard service

A converted Hagglund of Bay Search and Rescue in Cumbria, used for rescue work on tidal mudflats in Morecambe Bay

They use some very specialised vehicles to cope with the differing terrain in and around coastal areas.

  • Lifeboat tractors - a early ones were based on std tractor with modern vehicles built from scratch and capable of working under water and climbing shingle beaches to launch and recover lifeboats in areas with a high tidal range were a slipway is nor feasible for a direct into the sea launch.
  • Inshore rescue vehicles - vehicles to cope mud flats such as Morecambe in Lancashire - developed from snowcat vehicles used by the army and marines in the artic.

Manufactures and specialist body builders

Fire and Resuce Quad Bike for event support use were large vehicle access is an issue such as in crowds and camp sites

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