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Elvaston Steam Rally
Elvaston ring - car parade - 09 - IMG 7327.jpg
Car parade in the show ring
Organisers Elvaston Castle Steam Rally Commitee
In aid of
Local Charities
Sponsors (main)
Date held on July
Duration (days) 2
Venue Elvaston Castle Country Park
Location Elvaston nr Derby
County Derbyshire
Country England
NTET Accredited YES
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2010
First Event was held in (year) 1976
Last Event was held in (year)
No. of years held
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The Elvaston Steam Rally is held each July at Elvaston Castle Country Park in Derbyshire, England. The gathering is organised by the Elvaston Castle Steam Rally Committee, as a fund raiser for local charities in the Derby area. The Event has been hosted for the last few years by Derbyshire County council, at Elvaston Castle Country Park, in the grounds of Castle on the edge of Derby.

The site is a large flat parkland area sheltered by trees in the Trent valley South East of Derby City.

The Event is a National Traction Engine Trust Authorised Event.

Exhibits and attractions

Exhibit classes included:

2010 Event

If you visited the 2010 event please add details of any of the participants with photos if possible.

Elvaston Steam Rally/2010

2009 Event

Some ofthe 2009 participants are listed;

Elvaston Steam Rally/2009

2009 Steam engines

Steam Engines list
Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Aveling Barford no. AE998 No 109 Steam roller 1943 DTM 540 Emma Jacobs, Newhall Aveling Barford no AE998 Roller No 109 reg DTM 540 at Elvaston 09 - IMG 6688.jpg In Eddison Livery
Aveling & Porter no. [[]] Showman,s Engine 1915 [[]] 150px]] (Was a Roller)
Aveling & Porter no. 2957 Lisa Steam roller 1892 MA 9867 J. Cook 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 9347 Sarah Steam roller 1920 L 8953 To add 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 10237 ex Priory Belle Steam roller 1922 FX 8715 B. Boucher Aveling & Porter no. 10237 Roller reg FX 8715 at Elvaston 09 - IMG 6505.jpg ex Eddison no 367 and Gleesons
Burrell no. 3703 Princess of Wales Showmam's Engine 1915 DW 2120 150px]] Renamed
Burrell no. 4083 So-Be-It Traction Engine 1928 RT 4058 G. Lamb, Trowell 150px]] (converted to a Roller at one stage)
Burrell no. 9459 Wandering Star Road Loco 1915 Y871 OPU M. Woodbine, Chesterfield 150px]] 1/2 scale model
Case no. 10941 Grizzley Agricultural Engine 1906 - T & K Ledbury to add 150px]] (Was a Roller)
Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 44103 Enterprise Agricultural Engine 1911 AL 9348 150px]]
Foster no. 14410 Sprig Agricultural Engine 1920 UP 6481 to add 150px]]
Foster no. 14431 Robin Hood Showman,s Engine (Conversion} 1920 FE 3217 To add 150px]] (Was a tractor till 1967)
Foster no. 14608 Ikanopit Traction Engine 1930 PN 5629 to add 150px]]
Fowler no. 2528 - Ploughing Engine 1875 AL 8375 to add 150px]]
Fowler no. 11700 - Agricultural Engines 1908 [[]] A. Biglands 150px]] Exhibited here in 1995 'As Found'
Fowler no. 12906 Foremost Road Locomotive 1911 - 150px]]
Fowler no. 14375 - Ploughing Engines 1917 BE 7548 150px]]
Fowler no. 14805 Lord Doverdale Traction Engine 1917 UG 1496 150px]]
Fowler no. 15323 Excelsior Road Locomotive 1918 HR 3697 150px]]
Fowler no. 15652 Repulse Showman's Engine 1920 CU 977 T. Gibson, Breaston 150px]]
Fowler no. 15653 Renown Showman's Engine 1920 CU 978 Howard Brothers collection 150px]] Rebuilt after fire damaged in 2003
Fowler no. 15787 Cynorthwynr Road Locomotive 1921 EP 2938 150px]]
Fowler no. 17501 Pentland Queen Road Roller 1927 SY 3413 150px]]
Fowler no. 17578 Evening Queen Showman's Engine (conversion) 1926 UA 5597 150px]]
Fowler no. 18507 Morning Star Road Roller 1931 SM 8832 Fowler no. 18507 RR Morning Star reg SM 8832 at Elvaston 2009 - IMG 6519.jpg
George White no. 1198 Moose Agricultural engine 1916 - T & K Ledbury to add
Marshall no. 71396 Doris Portable Engine 1919 - Marshall no. 71396 PE - Doris - at Elvaston 09 - IMG 6634.jpg Colonial fire box
Marshall no. 56125 - Agricultural Engine 1911 NT 595 150px]]
Marshall no. 82842 Goolie Road Roller 1927 WW 3643 Marshall no 82842 Roller Goolie reg WW 3643 at Elvaston 09 - IMG 6491.jpg
Ruston Proctor no. 33189 - Agricultural engine 1907 CT 3949 To add 150px]]
Ruston & Hornsby no. 115100 Hildary Agricultural engine 1922 DO 2953 Brothwell Family to add 150px]]
Savage no. 664 Lady Go Lightly Centre Engine 1896 - Howard Brothers collection 150px]] In the restored Gallopers
Sentinel no. 7651 - Steam wagon 1928 BS 9215 To add
Sentinel no. Model Ruthus Steam wagon 1999 T613 SDT T613 SDT - Ruthus 6 inch Sentinel wagon at Elvaston 09 - IMG 6509.jpg 1/2 size model
Stanley no. - Steam Car 1913 DS 7696 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

Wallis & Steevens no. 7498 Progress Agricultural Engine 1916 HO 5629 Wallis & Steevens no. 7498 TE Progress reg HO 5629 at Elvaston 09 - IMG 6579.jpg
Wallis & Steevens no. 8099 Chichester Steam roller 1936 AOU 941 Wallis & Steevens no. 8099 Advance Roller - Chichester - reg AOU 941 Elvaston 09 - IMG 7307.jpg
no. Name type year reg owner Image notes

Commercial & Military vehicles

A large number of interesting vehicles were present. But a number had disappeared by mid after noon.

Details to follow once steam sorted

  • (photos to follow later) And a few others trucks besides.


The Tractor display was quite small but the layout made taking photos difficult as exhibit numbers not visible, and packed too tight as usual. The tractors tended to be the common ones with few Unusual exhibits

A selection of the few I did get to follow.

Tractor exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. Serial no. (if known) year built Owner Photo Misc info
? Fordson Fordson E27N Major ? - owner ? 150px]] To add
Add any other tractors from this event above here in Entry no order / ABC by make if no number
add more entries by copying block below and pasting in between entries 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

- Make Model no. Reg no. ? Serial no Year Owner ? 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images 150px]]


A number of interesting vehicles were in the car and light commercial section at this show.

  • The rarest machine was probably a Buggati racing car.

Past events

please add details of participants at past events.

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  • The show guide 2009

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