Edward Finch & Co. mkrs plate - Toddington - IMG 4133

Cast Makers plate on Sign post at Toddington Station

Edward Finch & Co. Ltd was an engineering company based in Chepstow, Wales. The company operated a foundry producing cast iron products such as Bridges, Architectural columns and sign for buildings and railway companies. The Company also built Stationary steam engines for use in ships and builta number of small ships on the banks of the river by their Chepstow works.[1]

Edward Finch & Co sign post - Toddington - IMG 4134

Cast Iron Signpost by Edward Finch & Co. Ltd

Chepstow Railway BridgeEdit

This was s300 ft span bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunell the eminent Engineer. The bridge was constructed on site for Brunel by Edward Finch of Liverpool as partner in the firm Finch and Willey. After it was completed, Finch remained in Chepstow, and developed a major engineering and, later, shipbuilding business on the site, beside the river.[2] The adjoining site, now occupied by the engineering firm Mabey Bridge (formerly Fairfield Mabey), is still (as of 2010) engaged in prefabricated bridge construction, and in 1987 was responsible for building the A48 road bridge which now runs alongside the railway bridge.[3]

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