The Easter Counties Tractor Show (also billed as Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show) was first held in 2012 at the Norwich Showground in Norfolk. The event was organised by Roger Desborough and friends, as a season opener for the East of England regions many tractor collectors..

The First event featured a record display of Doe tractors complete with a Dancing Does display. This early season event was blessed with some of the best weather of what turned out to be a very wet season for most event in 2012.

Doe Triple D no.192 +Doe D130 no. ? - NPU 435C on Ernest Doe stand at Norwich showground 2012 - IMG 5877

Ernest Doe stand with 2 Doe tractors

Club displaysEdit

A number of tractor club arranged displays of members tractors, including;

Dealer standsEdit

A number of tractor dealers had display stands featuring examples of old and new tractors;


Participants at the 2012 show included;

Doe feature displayEdit

Doe 130 line up at Norwich showground 2012 IMG 5989

The Doe 130 lineup

Displayed in the main event ring were the following tractors

Pre 1930 sectionEdit

John Deere sectionEdit

Wide selection covering period from the Waterloo Boy to modern machines.

Marshall tractor sectionEdit

Selection of Field Marshalls from Series 1 to 3A

Blue Force displayEdit

A selection of Ford Tractors and there derivatives from the Fordson F up to a New Holland 7840

Garden tractorsEdit

Selection from most common makes

Vintage and classicsEdit

Many popular models from the post war era from local clubs.

Miscelanious itemsEdit

The items on display included;

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