Humber 8-18 - EL 9222 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5293

EL 9222 at the National Coal Mining Museum for England in 2009

EL 9222 is a Humber 8/18 saloon car built by the Humber Cars company in 1924.

Vehicle historyEdit

This car was First registered in 1924 in Bournmouth. It was owned by Lady Silvia Grant-Dalton of Brodsworth Hall, Doncaster and used for about 10 years before being stored in a barn.

In 1973 it was rescued by the current owner and restored over a 2 year period.

The Car attends local events and has participated in some notable road run events.


  • Original 8 hp (RAC rating) 4 cylinder engine
  • Top inlet and side exhaust valve engine
  • Lucas Magneto
  • Hand operated rear brakes
  • Foot operated transmission brake


Some of the events attended by this vehicle include;

  • NCMM Classic Vehicle Meet 2009
  • Manchester to Blackpool road run
  • Bristol to Weymouth road run
  • Bristol to Bournemouth road run
  • The Guernsey Car club 21st anniversary celebrations in 1990


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Humber 8-18 - EL 9222 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5292 A few enthusiasts admiring its excellent restoration, at the HCVS Yorkshire meet at the NCMM in 2009
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