Renault R3042 - EAS 272 at Anglesey 2010 - IMG 2439

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Templatereg-no. is a restored Renault R3042 owned by Steve Richards a collector of classic and vintage tractors. This tractor was built in 1951 by Renault of France.

Vehicle historyEdit

This tractor was bought at auction in 2000 by the present owner Steve Richards of Denbighshire, Wales.

The tractor had been imported in 1985 by a collector of European Tractors, in Norfolk.

It has had a complete rebuild with repairs to the tinwork and a complete respray which was completed by July 2001.

The engine is a 4-cylinder petrol model, but various models were fitted.

Features Edit

The tractor was bought with a French Huard 2-furrow reversible plough.

Events attendedEdit

Some of the events attended by this vehicle include;


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