Krone mowers CVX195

Tractor with 3 drum type mowers for cutting forage (grass)

Drum mowers are a type of mower usually used as part of the harvesting of forage (grass) crops for hay or silage in either bales or a silage clamp. The crop is mowed and left to wilt before being baled as hay or silage or being collected by a silage harvester and transported to the storage pit.

The mower usually has 2 or more drums or discs with a number of small 'knife' blades mounted on each. the drums contra rotate driven by a series of gears or by V belts. Some mowers are also fitted with rollers the 'condition' the crop by crushing it slightly before ejecting it in a 'winrow' for collectiong by the baler or harvester pickup reel.

Drum mowers can be mounted on the tractors 3-point linkage or trailed. Modern high output units comprise several sections that fold/lift for transport but can cut a swath of 10 metres (33 ft) wide or more in one pass.


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