Downs Amusements collection

Downes Gallopers at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1388.jpg
The Downs Gallopers at the woolpit Steam rally 2009
Burrell no. 3453 The May reg AH 0117 at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1389.jpg
Downs amusements Burrell no. 3423 The May at the Woolpit steam rally in 2009

The Downs Amusements collection is an old time steam fair that visits various Steam fairs and other events during the year & includes various vintage fairground rides and Showmans Engines.

The collection

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  • Burrell no. 3453 - The May
  • Gallopers and Savage no. 638 - John Bull
  • Test of strength machine
  • Side show booth


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