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Douglas Equipment Ltd based in Cheltenham England, started building heavy tractors (trucks) in 1947. They are now a subsidiary of the Dennis Group plc.


The firm introduced the four-wheel drive Transporter model after the war in 1947 , based on an AEC Matador built from 1939-1945 as an artillery tractor. The Douglas truck had a 125 bhp AEC diesel engine of 9.6 litre (588 cu in).

The firm also built a range of industrial tug trucks for trailer haulage in factories, ports and docks loading ships. The Douglas Tugmaster was introduced in the early 1950's, with a new model for the Ro-Ro ships in 1955 called the Douglas Tugmaster Ro-Ro.

Douglas continues today as part of the Dennis Group. They are builders of heavy duty container handling tugs.

Model range

  • Douglas Transporter - 1947
  • Douglas Tugmaster - 1952
  • Douglas Tugmaster Ro-Ro - 1953
  • Douglas Tugmaster HM-50 - 198?
  • Douglas Tugmaster NS8-210 - 198? 25-30 ton load Cummins B series engine or Volvo(engine) option
  • Douglas Tugmaster NS8-220 - 198? 35 ton load


A few examples of the timber tractors can be seen at vintage vehicle shows or Transport festivals.

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