Dormans Electric Yachts at Much Marcle 2014 - IMG 1692

The Dormans Electric Yachts at Much Marcle Steam Rally

The Dormans Electric Yachts are one of several Fairground rides operated by Dormans Amusements of ? in ?. These one of several sets of vintage yacht rides (also known as Swing boats) that still operate on the fairground circuit in the UK. They consist of 2 boats (cars) that carry passengers and swing back and forth in an arc. Earlier versions were steam powered, some of which were later converted to electric drive, But this set was built in 1915 as an electric driven set.


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  • Built in 1915
  • The boats are named Shamrock and Defender.
  • capacity is ? people

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Some of the many steam rallies and other fairs this ride has attended include;


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