Donington Park Commercial Vehicle Show
Donnington 2009 line up 2 - IMG 6156small
Part of the yard line up in 2009
Promoter Classic & Vintage Commercials Magazine
Sponsors (main)
Date held on March 2009
Duration (days) 1
Venue Donington Park International Conference Centre
Location Donington (Race Circuit)
County Derbyshire
Country England
NTET Accredited
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Last Event was held in (year) 2009
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The Donington Park Commercial Vehicle show is an annual event in spring held at the exhibition centre at the Donington Park Racing circuit in England. The event is organised by Classic and Vintage Commercials Magazine published by Kelsey Publishing.


This one day event features a indoor trade stand area, with various club stands present as well.

Donington 2009 line up 1 - IMG 6154small

Part of the yard line up in 2009


The 20010 event is not being held at Donington Park due to the works for the upcoming British Grand Prix that was to have been hosted at Donington Park. Unfortunatly the Grand Prix works were canceled when the operators failed to raise the money to fund the work and it is now to be at Silverstone.

The 2010 show is being held at 'Three Counties Show Ground' at Malvern were the Tractor World Show - Malvern is held at the beinging of March. The Commercial Vehicle show is to be held on the Saturday the 27th of March (a week later than it was at Donington Park) with an Auction by Pugh & Co. in the morning.

2009 eventEdit

Donington Exhibition centre main hall - IMG 6194

Veiw of the exhibition hall from auction area (after auction finished)

An Auction of vehicles (about 10 ?), spare parts and memorabilia also takes place in the hall. This used about a 1/3rd of the hall. (see photo)

The enclosed yard at the west end are used for the main vehicle display with about 40 vehicles in the yard and another 20-30 were parked out on the roadway. About 10 vehicles were in the hall as well in club display stands.

The Scammell owners club had there Display trailer parked outside the entrance to the exhibition hall.

Main yard displayEdit

Reg no. Manufacturer Model type Year Owner Photo Notes
680 GTM+ AEC AEC Mercury Flatbed 1960 Geoff Peverill AEC Mercury - 680 GTM at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6147 In livery of Phorpres Bricks (London Brick Co)
NSG 869+ Albion Nimbus Bus 1955 owner ? Albion single deck bus reg NSG 869 at Donington 09 - IMG 6144small body built by ?
935 XUC Atkinson model ? 6x4 Flatbed truck 1955 owner ? Atkinson 935 XUC at Donington 09 - IMG 6086 Livery of Ronald Patrick & Son, Notts
PTM 941J+ Atkinson Atkinson Borderer tractor unit 1970 owner ? Atkinson Borderer - PTM 941J at donington CV 09 - IMG 6146
JRE 695N+ Atkinson Atkinson Borderer tractor unit Trevor and Rodney Howlett Atkinson Borderer - JRE 695N at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6129 In livery of former owners Bradburys of Cheadle, originally Ex JCB
KKU 655P+ Atkinson Atkinson Borderer Tractor unit 1975 owner ? Atkinson Border - KKU 655P ex Mines rescue at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6116 In livery of NCB Mines Rescue
CYY 355C+ Austin Austin Gipsy Long Wheelbase 4-WD 1965 Philip Hodgkinson Austin Gipsy LWB reg CYY 355C at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6107small Ex Goodwood racing circuit
KYE 185+ Bedford Bedford O Dropside tipper 1950 owner ? Bedford reg KYE 185 at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6104small Livery of NCB
D858 NOF+ Bedford Bedford TL beavertail vehicle transport body owner ? Bedford TL of 1986 at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6088small
SDH 871F+ Bedford Bedford KM Coal lorry owner ? Bedford TM coal lorry at Donington 09 - IMG 6145small Excellent restoration to a body type rarely seen today
EHA 360K+ Bedford Bedford KM Tractor unit 1972 owner ? Bedford TM tractor unit EHA 360K at Donington 09 - IMG 6113small
DKY 32C+ Commer Commer Cob van 1965 Rodger Culverhouse Commer Cob 1965 reg DKY 32C at Donnington park 09 - IMG 6110small Restored in livery of former owner London Fire Brigade, with period kit
PGN 217L+ Commer Commer ? Van owner ? Commer van at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6112small restored light commercial van typical of the early 1970's
321 JTV+ Commer model ? Flatbed with "Load" owner ? Commer flatbed reg 321 JTV at Donnington park 09 - IMG 6098small
F820 FSA+ Dennis model ? Fire engine owner ? Dennis Fire engine F820 FSA of 1988 at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6105small
TND 714R+ ERF B series 6x2 Breakdown truck 1977 owner ? ERF recovery truck 6x2 at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6091small
J572 PBF+ ERF ERF E10 series Tractor unit 1991 Jeffrey Crombie ERF E10 325 reg J572 PBF at Donington 09 - IMG 6142small livery of former operator IAE It's That Pole in Leek - named Lady Sharon
LKB 635E+ Foden Foden S21 8x4 Recovery 1967 owner ? Foden S? Recovery - LKB 635E at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6095 Named Olde Girl
552 LNU+ Foden Foden S20 Ballast tractor 1959 owner ? Foden S20 - 552 LNU at NCMM 09 -IMG 5405 In livery of 'Elliott of York'
PRP 720+ Foden Foden S20 Tractor unit 1958 Charlie Bowyer Foden ? - PRP 720 at Donnington CV 09 - IMG 6131 Converted by Fodens to Artic from an 8 wheeler chassis
YAX 521+ Foden Foden S20 8x4 Flatbed 1960 owner ? Foden S20 8x4 flat - YAX 521 at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6133
PMB 149B+ Foden model ? Recovery truck 1964 owner ? Foden ? recovery - PMB 149B at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6125 Livery of W.M. Sample
ROV 702Y+ Foden model ? Showmans Drawbar tractor 1983 owner ? Foden Drawbar showmans unit at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6089small Converted from an Articulated lorry tractor unit, and fitted with Living Box body
YHA 346S+ Ford Trucks Ford D seriesD1000 Tractor unit 1978 John Anthony Askey Ford D1000 reg YHA 346S at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6153small Fitted with a Ford V8 engine
86 JTJ+ Ford of Britain Ford Thames 300E ? van 1959 owner ? Thames Trader van reg 86 JTJ at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6108small
KEV 108Y Ford Trucks Ford Transcontinental Tractor unit 1983 owner ? Ford Transcontiental 4435 reg KEV 108Y at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6150small A smart example
KVT 292V+ Ford Trucks (US) model ? 6x4 Tractor unit(cabover) 1977 owner ? Ford (US) tractor unit - KVT 292V at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6138 A rare US built Ford unit.
SUK 893+ Guy Otter 4x2 rigid flatbed 1956 owner ? Guy Otter flatbed SUK 893 at Donnington Park CV show 09 - IMG 6092small presented in Wednsebury Tubes livery with dropside flatbed body
UHN 795 Guy Otter 4x2 rigid flatbed 1954 Leonard Isherwood Guy Otter dropside - UHN 795 at Donington 09 - IMG 6096 presented with dropside flatbed body and 'load'
LKF 365+ Leyland Leyland Comet Flatbed owner ? Leyland Comet - LKF 365 at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6140 (was for sale)
MTB 194+ Leyland Leyland Comet Flatbed 1950 owner ? Leyland Comet - flatbed - MTB 194 at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6106 In the livery of H & R Ainscough Ltd flour millers
PFE 150P+ Mack Trucks model ? Tractor Unit (cabover) 1975 owner ? Mack ? 6x4 unit - PFE 150P at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6127
Mack 1+
(show plate)
Mack model ? Tractor unit (bonneted) John Shockley Transport Mack ? boneted unit - Mack 1 at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6128 Unusual 3/4 cab design
HSK 124+ Morris Commercials Morris MRA Dropside 1953 R.F. Langham Morris MRA reg HSK 124 at Donington 09 - IMG 6114small
F815 PKV+ Renault Trucks Commando Flatbed 1988 owner ? Renault ? - flatbed - F815 PKV at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6124 In working guise with industrial crate load
ELW 608J+ Scammell Scammell Crusader Military vehicles/Recovery 1971 The Walters Family collection Scammell 6x4 Ex army wrecker at Donington 09 - IMG 6100small The Boy an ex-Army recovery truck
E42 XNS+ Scania Scania 42M Tractor unit 1988 owner ? Scania 42M - V8 - reg E42 XNS at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6139 Customized in livery of John Holey transport
RDA 106F+ Scania-Vabis LB76 tractor unit 1967 owner ? Scania-Vabis tractor unit reg RDA 106F at Donington 09 - IMG 6141small Rare early scania
LBR 614P+ Seddon Atkinson 400 tractor unit 1975 owner ? Seddon Atkinson tractor unit LBR 614P (national carriers) at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6090small in National Carriers livery
469 XUL+ Standard Motor Company Standard Vanguard Pick-up truck 1958 Joe Gregory Standard Vanguard pick up at Donnington Park 09 - IMG 6101small
XJO 904R+ Volvo Truck F88 Tractor unit 1977 D.A. Pearson, Leek Volvo F88 reg XJO 904R at Doninngton Park 09 - IMG 6103small A excellent example of a classic model
F100 ONR+ Volvo Truck Volvo F10 tractor unit 1989 owner ? Volvo F10 reg F100 ONR 6x2 tractor unit at Donington 09 - IMG 6143small Customized classic high cab euro truck
Reg no. ? Make model type owner ? 150px

Main HallEdit

Some of the indoor exhibits

Auction area yard Edit

Some of the vehicles in this area - Not all these were in the auction sale.

Reg no. Manufacturer Model type Owner Photo Notes
GWT 344J+ Atkinson Atkinson White Knight Tractor unit in the Sale - lot no 508 Atkinson White Knight - GWT 344J at Donington CV sale 09 - IMG 6186 In the livery of John Smiths Brewery
ALT 468H+ Bedford HCB-Angus Fire engine in sale - lot 506 Bedford Merryweather fire engine at Donnington 09 - IMG 6183small Fire engine with Merryweather ladder
MYR 768+ Bedford Bedford-Scammell Tractor unit and trailer In sale - lot no 505 Bedford Scammell and stepframe trailer at Donnington 09 - IMG 6187small Immaculate complete with Scammell stepframe trailer (uses the Scammell coupling system)
unknown Comer model ? Tractor unit In the Sale - lot no. 502 Comer ? at Donington CV sale 09 - IMG 6181 For restoration ? with another unknown make of truck
E599 JCR+ ERF ERF E14 series car transporter In the sale - lot no. 511 ERF E14 car transporter (Auction) at Donnington 09 - IMG 6182small
Reg no. ? Make model type owner ? 150px

Outside the exhibitionEdit

Some of the exhibits were parked down the road way due to shortage of space and some of the more interesting transport vehicles.

Reg no. Manufacturer Model type Owner Photo Notes
HMF 766M+ Atkinson Atkinson Borderer Tractor unit Ian & Graham Blakeman, Tamworth Atkinson Borderer - HMF 766M at Donington 09 - IMG 6197 In the livery of 'Blakeman Motor Services' (BMS)
Reg no. ? Peugeot Peugeot 301 Pick-up truck body owner ? Peugeot 301c pick-up - reg ? at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6202 Ex Film extra found parked on blocks in a barn in UK
JAH 575D+ Commer model ? Skip loader owner ? Commer truck with Skip loader gear at Donnington 09 - IMG 6208small A rare restored Sheppard skip loader unit.
X596 FPX+ DAF DAF 45 Beaver tail transporter - 7.5 tonner ? owner ? DAF 45 - beavertail - X596 FPX at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6230 used for transport of one of the other exhibits
L182 KJV+ ERF ERF EC14 Tractor unit owner ? ERF EC14 6x2 at Donnington 09 - IMG 6221small
C461 XRF+ Foden model ? tractor unit owner ? Foden ? - C461 XRF at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6216
GVO 67J+ Ford Trucks Ford D series2417 Recovery truck owner ? Ford D series 2417 breakdown truck GVO 67J at Donnington 09 - IMG 6198small
RPL 136R+ Ford Trucks Ford D series Recovery truck owner ? Ford D series 6x4 breakdown truck RPL 136R a Donington 09 - IMG 6201small
HDD 186+ Fordson Ford E83W Van owner ? Fordson light van HDD 186 at Donnington 09 - IMG 6205small An immaculately restored example of a light commercial van
DB-39-15+ FTF Trucks FTF 8V71N Showmans Ballast tractor Peter Gore FTF trucks 6x4 showmans at Donington Park 09 - IMG 6226small A rare heavy duty FTF Truck under restoration (still on continental plates)
- King Trailers model ? Low loader owner ? King trailer with FTF truck on board at Donington park 09 - IMG 6225small Twin axle trailer with a FTF Trucks on board
XUY 538M+ Scammell Scammell Routeman tractor unit owner ? Scammell Routeman - XUY 538M at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6215
R739 RLP+ Scammell Scammell S26 tractor unit owner ? Scammell S26 MOD tractor unit R739 RLP at Donington 09 - IMG 6217small ex Military vehicles retained in MOD livery
L84 MYA+ Scania Scania 113M tractor unit + Stepframe trailer R.J. Howlett Scania 113M 380 reg L84 MYA Step frame trailer at Donnington -09 - IMG 6231small transport for vintage commercials
V8 WME+ Scania Scania R620 Wagon and Drag W.M. Ellison, Lancashire Scania R620 and trailer - V8 WME at Donington CV 09 - IMG 6234 A premium truck with plenty of power for pulling loads of high density bales at max weight and volume.
Reg no. ? Make model type owner ? 150px

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