Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company
Founded 1954
Headquarters Guangxi, China
Products automobiles, trucks
Employees 3000
Parent Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Liuzhou Industrial Shareholding Co., Ltd

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company is a joint venture of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Liuzhou Industrial Shareholding Co., Ltd based in Guangxi, China. The company was founded in 1954, but production didn't begin until 1969. It became part of Donfeng in 1981. It produces the Dongfeng Future minivan for sale in China. The company builds cars trucks under four brand names: Balong, Chenglong, LongKa, and Fengxing.



  • Balong 406
  • Balong 507


  • Chenglong EQ1041ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ1043ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ1086ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ1123ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ1161ZE1 truck
  • Chenglong EQ1163ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ3090ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ3120ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ3120ZE1 truck
  • Chenglong EQ3160ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ4118ZE truck
  • Chenglong EQ5088XXYZE3 truck
  • Chenglong HP3040ZE truck
  • Chenglong LZ1080LAL truck
  • Chenglong LZ1081LAL truck
  • Chenglong LZ1120LAP truck
  • Chenglong LZ1311QEL-2 truck
  • Chenglong LZ1310PEL truck
  • Chenglong LZ1311QEL-2 truck
  • Chenglong LZ3160LCB truck
  • Chenglong LZ4250MDB truck
  • Chenglong LZ4253QDC truck
  • Chenglong LZ5160CSLAP truck
  • Chenglong LZ5163CSRAP truck
  • Chenglong LZ5310CSQEL truck
  • Chenglong LZ5310CSREL truck
  • Chenglong LZ5310XXYREL truck
  • Chenglong LZ5312CSQEL truck


  • Fengxing Joyear - MPV
  • Fengxing Lingzhi - minivan


  • LongKa EQ3240AE truck
  • LongKa EQ3240FE truck
  • LongKa EQ4150AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4151AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4153AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4220AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4222AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4223AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4240AE truck
  • LongKa EQ4241AE truck



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