Doe Triple D sn 330 reg 732 VYA of Bernard Saunders at Newark VTH 08 - IMG 3474

Doe triple D no. D330 reg no. 732 VYA stood Inside the George Stephenson pavilion at Newark Vintage Show in 2008

732 VYA is a Doe Triple D conversion of a pair of Fordson E1A Major tractors in to a Four-wheel drive Articulated tractor built by Ernest Doe from Essex.

Tractors historyEdit

  • Built in 1963
  • Originally sold in to Somerset.
  • Restored by current owner in 2008
  • Detailed history unknown.
  • Owned by Bernard Saunders a tractor collector from Nottinghamshire.


This tractor has been exhibited at events including;



Photo Caption / notes
Doe Triple D no. D330 - 732 VYA at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3475 edited Discussing the finer details ?
Doe Triple D no. 330 - 732 VYA at Newark 08 - IMG 3670 edited Side profile
Doe Triple D sn D330 - 732 VYA at Newark 08 - IMG 3672 edited Rear linkage and rear wheel weights
Photo from working day to follow At Bernard Saunders Working Day in 2008
Doe Triple D no. D 330 - reg 732 VYA at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9034 At Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2009 in the FFA display area.
Doe Triple D no. D 330 - 732 VYA at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9031 The HD Doe designed 3-point linkage power boost rams. This was added to allow bigger implements to be used as the std Fordson Major linkage struggled with bigger ploughs and cultivators fitted.
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Photos from 2008 Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show.

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