Doe Triple D
Doe triple D - BNX 232B - 08 - IMG 4180
A Doe Triple-D at a ploughing demonstration
Model history
Model introduced 1957
Model discontinued 1970s
Model status Discontinued Discontinued
No. produced Believed 100 to 150 units made
Engine Specification
Engine make Ford (engines)
Engine model Fordson Power Major tractor based
Fuel type Agrcultural Diesel
Power hp Unknown
No. of Cylinders 6
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Manual
Gearbox make Fordson
Drive 4WD
General Data
Linkage Category Standard Rear linkage
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front Standard Agricultural
Rear Standard Agricultural
Other info
Factories Maldon near Ulting Essex, England
Plow rating Unknown
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Doe Tripple D plate (new) -IMG 4182

Doe mfc plate (reproduction)

The Doe Triple-D or Doe Dual Drive is a model of tractor produced by Ernest Doe & Sons in the 1950s and 1960s in Maldon near Ulting Essex, England. It's two engines and 90 degree articulation made it one of the most unorthodox tractors ever built. This new model was the earliest form of an original articulated 4WD agricultural or farm tractor.

Model HistoryEdit

Its Triple-D tractors were developed from a customer's idea. The customer was farmer, George Pryor. He wanted a tractor with increased power to work his heavy clay soil.

Ernest Doe produced a version of the tractor based on his idea of linking two Fordson Major tractors together to create a four-wheel drive. The front wheels and axles from both tractors were removed and the two joined together with a steel turntable to provide a pivot point for the steering. The driver in the rear Fordson controlled both tractors.


During the 1950s farmers in the United Kingdom in need of high horsepower tractors had few options. Essex farmer George Pryor developed an ingenious solution to the problem by creating his own tractor. He did this by purchasing two Fordson tractors, removing the front wheels and axle and linking the two by means of a turntable which provided the steering action powered by hydraulic rams. This left him with a double engined four wheel drive tractor capable of producing more power and outperforming any of the conventional tractors on the UK market at the time.

Commercial productionEdit

The Local Fordson dealers Ernest Doe & Sons agreed to build an improved version, the first one was completed in 1958 and called the Doe Dual Power, later changed to Doe Dual Drive and abbreviated commonly to 'Doe Triple-D'.

The first Doe Triple-D used two Fordson Power Major units to produce a total power of 100 hp (75 kW), the later Triple-D 130 used two Ford Workmaster tractors increasing the power output to over 130 hp (97 kW) and the Triple-D 150 was based on Ford Force tractors producing combined power of 150 hp (110 kW).

The vast majority of Triple-Ds were sold in the UK, but a number were exported to the United States, others exported to Holland and elsewhere. Customers could choose models with factory fitted optional weather cabs or without them and the majority were painted blue and orange later models changed to blue and white. Most spare parts are normally easy to find due to their similar components as to those fitted on original FORD agricultural tractors.

A later version, the Doe 130, was based on two Ford 5000 power units which totalled 130 HP.

The final model, known as the D150 was based upon the 75 HP Ford 5000.


The main disadvantage with the Triple-D was the lack of suitable implements for such a powerful tractor, this meant that Ernest Doe & Sons also had to develop and build a range of implements to sell with the tractors.

Other disadvantages stemmed from the use of two engines, this made controlling the tractor more difficult because of the need for two gearboxes. There were two engines and gearboxes to maintain and repair and the probability of breakdowns was increased.

End of productionEdit

By the late 1960s several companies had developed single engined tractors capable of producing over 100 hp, this competition put the Doe out of production after over 300 had been built. With all production ceasing in about 1973.

Models ProducedEdit


They are a sought after by tractor collectors as fairly rare, as less than 500 built in total of all models. Several people have built their own versions. They are one of the most valuable collectors tractors, with some examples fetching over £60,000 at auction.

The Triple-D often makes appearances at agricultural fares such as the Epworth Festival of the Plough in Epworth, Lincolnshire and LeSueur, Minnesota Pioneer Power Days show where it is always a crowd favourite, popular due to its unorthodox build.

Triple-Ds are worth a great deal due to their relative rarity, even unrestored Does can demand extremely high prices at auction.[1]

There are usually a few on display at big preservation events like Tractor World Show at Malvern, Worcestershire, and at the National Tractor Show held at Newark Showground.

Dancing Doe's display teamEdit

Dancing Doe display team at ECTS 2013 IMG 9105

Dancing Doe's display team line up at Eastern Counties Tractor Show 2013

Main article: Dancing Doe's

A number of Doe tractor owners got together as part of the Doe special display at the ??? show and decided to put a routine to music for the arena parade instead of just driving round in a line around the arena. They have appeared at a number of shows in the UK and Ireland.


There are quite a few copies/fakes about which have been built from parts of broken ones or to similar design by people who either wanted a bigger hp tractor or would like a Doe but cannot find/afford a genuine one, thus building a copy from 2 cheap tractors (and involving a fair bit of work).

Other MakesEdit

Preservation listEdit

Doe Triple D sn 330 reg 732 VYA of Bernard Saunders at Newark VTH 08 - IMG 3474

The newly restored Doe Triple D of Bernard Saunders at Newark VTH show in 2008

Below is a table listing known examples. (please expand the list and help include at least one photo of each machine listed)

List of Preserved Doe Triple D (all models) tractors
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Model + Serial No. Build-Date Reg No.
(if known)
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured in Other info
Doe Dual Power no. ? year ? MSL 559 owner ? Doe Dual Power - MSL 559 at Eastern Counties Tractor Show 2012 - IMG 5935 Eastern Counties Tractor Show Fordson Power Major based - has plate "Tractor no. 6730" on the frame
Doe Dual Power no. ? 1959 Reg no. ? Fenton Family collection Image needed LHB seen at based on Fordson Power Major
D 115 year ? Reg no. ? owner ? 150px at Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2010
D 136 year ? reg no. ? JOSH M add photo here seen at/in ?
D 161 year ? PTW 436B owner ? Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show
D 191 year ? 107 KRT Russell Hibert Image needed LHB Southwell Ploughing Match 2018 Attended the 2010 Fingal Rally-Ireland Doe event
D 192 1961 un-registered Ernest Doe & Sons Doe Triple D no.192 at Norwich Showground 2012 -IMG 5867 Eastern Counties Tractor Show 2012 Immaculate restored example
D193 1961 Reg no. ? JOSH M Image needed LHB  ?
D 194 year ? Reg no. ? Ex Alwyn Blatherwick collection Image needed LHB seen at 1/2 tractor for sale at Cheffins 2010[3]
D 201 1961 1416 UR Mick Faulks Doe Triple D no. D201 - reg 1416 UR at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9023 at Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2009 Attended the 2010 Fingal Rally - Ireland Doe event
D 202 year ? WWC 330 James Hardstaff collection Doe Triple D sn ? - WWC 330 with Doe plough at East Mids VWW 2010 - IMG 1939 seen at ? notes
D 205 year ? Reg no. ? owner ? Image needed LHB Southwell Ploughing Match 2018
D 232 year ? 847 NWC owner ? Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show rebuilt from surviving half (With original condition bonnet retained)
D 240 year ? MFF 648 Sid Marvin Doe Triple D 240 - MFF 648 at maldon WD 11 - IMG 5284 at Maldon Working Day 2011
Doe Triple D no. 265 year ? 338 YOO owner ? Image needed LHB Southwell Ploughing Match 2018 Fitted Fitzmeyer cab
D 266 year ? Reg no. ? Cooke Brothers collection Image needed LHB seen at ? Attended the 2010 Fingal Rally - Ireland Doe event
D 267 1962 247 DBE P & E Ducksbury Doe Triple D sn D267 at Gamston 11 - IMG 3302 At Gamston Working Weekend 2011 Formerly owned by Alwyn Blatherwick
(Sold by Cheffins in Oct 2009)
D 270 1963 569 BWC Mike Brockway Doe triple D no. D270 - reg 569 BWC at Bath 08 - IMG 5018 at Somerset Tractor show 2009 (Stolen in 2000 on way to Newark and recovered after being abandoned)
D 274 1963 5855 WF  ? Doe Triple-D no. D274 - (5855 WF) at Ford Conversions Event 2012 - IMG 2186 at Ford Conversions Event 2012
D 295 1963 Reg no. ? Barry Mumby Doe Triple D sn 295 at Newby 2011 - IMG 9926 At Newby Hall 2009 & 2011
D 297 1963 Reg no. ? JOSH M photo .
D 310 year ? reg no. ? owner ? Doe Triple D no. D310 - reg ? at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9026 At Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2009
D 319 year ? 635 LTM James Hardstaff Doe Triple D no ? - 635 LTM at Bernard Saunders WD 08 - IMG 4200 at Bernard Saunders Working Day 2008 Attended the 2010 Fingal Rally - Ireland Doe event
D 322 (part) 196? 939 KWC John Hayward collection Doe sn 322 (part) reg 959KWC at Newark 2013 - IMG 2462 at Newark Tractor & Heritage Show 2013 1/2 a Doe tractor
D 330 1963 732 VYA Bernard Saunders collection Doe Triple D no. 330 - 732 VYA at Newark 08 - IMG 3670 edited at Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show 2008
D 341 196? CVF 449B Roger Desborough collection Doe triple D no. D 341 - CVF 449B - Fitzmeyer cab at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9028 at Belvoir Castle Steam Festival Fitted with Fitzmeyer cab
D 347 year ? BHK 626B owner ? Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show
D 359 1964 - Jamie Shaw-Brown Doe triplr D no. 359 - at Newby 2010 - IMG 8750 at Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2010
D 379 196? BNX 232B Richard Mason collection Doe Triple D no 379 reg BNX 232B (rear linkage) at Newby 09 - IMG 2447 at Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2008
D 385 1964 ENP 497B Martin H Fernihough Image needed LHB Tractor World 2012 c/w Doe plough
D 386 1964 FOO 710B Trevor Pegram Doe Tripple D sn 386 - FOO710B at Newark 2013 - IMG 2440 For sale 10/3/2012 Featured on Old Tractor Magazine no. 102</br>At Newark 2013
D 391 year ? Reg no. ? owner ? Image needed LHB seen at ? Attended the Fingal Rally - Ireland 2010 Doe event
D ? Year ? DNN 466C owner ? to add Eastern Counties Tractor Show Based on 2 Ford 5000 tractors
D 512 year ? FCT 513D owner ? Doe 130 D 512 - FCT 513D at Toddington 2010 - IMG 3921 Toddington Steam Rally 2010 A late model Doe tractor
D 519 year ? Reg no. ? owner ? Image needed LHB Southwell Ploughing Match 2018
D 530 year ? MWC 277C owner ? Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show
D 534 1965 Reg no. ? S.R. Haylock Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show Ex. Hugh Doe (Doe 130 upgraded to Ford 7000 engines)
D 564 year ? ZV 8567 Michael Hoey collection Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show Attended the 2010 Fingal Rally - Ireland Doe event
D 587 year ? FEW 756D owner ? Doe D130 sn D587 - FEW 756D at Scorton (lancs) 2012 - IMG 0767 Scorton Vintage and Country Fayre Won best in show 2012
D 604 1966 ROO 521D owner ? Image needed LHB seen at Sold by Cheffins - [1]
D 605 year ? Reg no. ? Fenton family collection Image needed LHB seen at ?
D 606 year ? SEV 275D owner ? Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show
D 680 year ? DNN 446C owner ? Image needed LHB Southwell Ploughing Match 2018 Both Selectamatic's
Doe 130 sn D ? 1965 NPU 435C Ernest Doe & Sons Doe D130 no. ? - NPU 435C at Norwich showground 2012 - IMG 5871Image needed LHB The Doe Show 2012 immaculate restored example
D ? 1968 XHK 466F Richard Carr collection Doe D150 - XHF 466F at Maldon WD 2011 - IMG 5052 At Maldon Working Day 2011 Was a D130 re-engined by Does to D150 spec
Image needed LHB

D ? year ? OWC 16 D.J. Fisher Farms Doe Triple D ? - OWC 16 - at maldon 2011 - IMG 5220 at Maldon Working Day 2011 no sn plate
Doe 130 sn ? year ? KRT 523D owner ? Image needed LHB Eastern Counties Tractor Show
Image needed LHB

Image needed LHB

Doe Triple D no. ? year ? Reg no. ? owner ? Image needed LHB seen at
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Doe Triple D no. ? year ? Reg no. ? owner ? Image needed LHB seen at misc info

Scale ModelsEdit

The Triple-D is also available in a 1:16 Scale model produced by Universal Hobbies.[4]


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